Hazibian International Ltd partners with Platinum Cape Realtor Group to Bring Sustainable Developments to Nigeria

Hazibian International Ltd, a leading real estate development company, has officially announced a strategic partnership with Platinum Cape Realtor  Group (P.C.R.G) to collaborate on a series of sustainable developments in Nigeria. This partnership aims to revolutionize the investment and construction sector in the country, providing high-quality properties and services to both local residents and the Nigerian diaspora.

The partnership between Hazibian International Ltd and Platinum Cape Realtor  Group signifies a significant milestone in the real estate industry in Nigeria. With a shared commitment to sustainability and innovation, both companies are poised to bring new, cutting-edge developments that prioritize environmental responsibility and community well-being.

“We are thrilled to partner with Platinum Cape Realtor Group to create sustainable and impactful developments within Lagos state and environs.

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